We Are LIVE!!!

SO cool to finally be up and running!

Many thanx to the fine FINAL RINSE team, for helping get THE movie on-line, and in to the world!

apologies to them and the thousands of FINAL RINSE fans, who have been clamoring for new blog content!

perhaps now would be a good time to begin the tale of the genesis of FINAL RINSE…

i’m gonna do this in a serialized fashion, as it’s a LONG story!

it was 1992-ish. after living for many years in nyc, working on everything from “She’s Gotta Have It” to Pee-Wee’s Playhouse (the really good edgy 1st season), i was offered a job on the pilot for what was to be the new SCTV show working “above the line” (non-tech work) in los angeles. 

i figured that since i couldn’t even get an above the line job in NYC, working for free with the muppets (when you’ve been rejected by the muppets, you’ve REALLY been rejected!), and since i was terribly heartbroken, i’d take the offer, and move to LA.

the SCTV show was called: “Life as We Know It”, and starred steve carell, ryan stiles, ken campbell, david fury, and sherry bilsing amongst other talented folk…

1st real post

hello, and welcome to the official FINAL RINSE director’s blog!

it’s been quite a slog – from writing, to shooting, editing, etc. through the film festivals, the film markets, the screenings, the shoddy distributers and reps, the hollywood agents, the schmooze, the lawyers, the unions, the music publishers and on and on and on! (and on!)

at last, though, FINAL RINSE is available – officially and legally  -  to the world!

the feedback thus far has been great – people are digging the movie, and the finalrinse.com experience!

please keep the comments coming, both here and at:

youtube            http://www.youtube.com/finalrinsemovie

and myspace    http://www.myspace.com/finalrinsemovie

i have tons ‘o stories about joey, sebastian, filmmaking, “the biz”, all the other great musicians and actors from the movie, etc. etc. to share – stay tuned!


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So, who IS this modest guy who put together the brilliant pastiche’ that is, FINAL RINSE!!?

Here’s a kwik bio:


Robert Tucker



Originally from Kansas and spending his teens in Arizona, Robert Tucker grew up with his father’s ubiquitous and poorly aimed 8mm camera pointing largely off-frame at his head.

Robert has made films since the age of 10. At 15 he made “The Story Of Ice Nine” which screened for a large audience at a California hippie retreat to rave reviews. Encouraged by this success, Robert continued making short films and videos through those formative (addled) years of bitter struggle and through his studies at Hampshire College.

As a grown-up, Robert’s diverse credits run from Spike Lee’s “Shes Gotta Have It”, to “Pee Wee’s Playhouse”, to “Baywatch” amongst many others.

His 1989 music video “Get On Down” (Meat Puppets), which Robert produced, shot, directed and edited is a fan favorite. It plays internationally on MTV to this day, and was recently included as a bonus accompanying the band’s special re-release retrospective package on Rykodisc. Uploaded by a stranger, the beneath NO budget video is a cult favorite on youtube, and has been viewed almost 60 thousand times.

Two of his other short films, TARANTULA WITH TARANTELLA and ROOF are in the collections of the Centre Georges Pompidou, Lincoln Center Performing Arts Library and la Cinemathque Francaise, amongst others. They have been screened at cultural centers throughout the world including the Pace Gallery, Opera de Lyon, Amerika Haus Berlin and Centre d`Art Santa Monica in Barcelona.

One of the 10 straight men on the planet who actually likes period showtunes, and a fan of music as diverse as Rudy Vallee to Ministry,

Robert cites his major influences as: Fred Astaire, George Jones, Preston Sturges, Russ Meyer, Diego Velazquez, David Bowie, Voltaire, Robert Crumb, Scott Walker, Herodotus, Sergio Leone, Honore de Balzac, Raymond Chandler, Yasujiro Ozu, The Legion of Super Heros, Jackson Pollack, Albert Brooks, Ernst Lubitsch, Judas Priest, Larry Fine, Shemp Howard, Ralph Tucker, Homer, B.K.S. Iyengar, Brian Eno, George Orwell, Paul Cezanne, Bing Crosby, John Waters, Jerome Kern, SCTV, Lee Hazlewood, Billy Wilder, Philip K. Dick, MST3K, Michael O’Donahue, Marvin Tucker, Paul Whiteman, J.K. Huysmans, William M. Gaines, Akira Kurasawa, Fred Wesley. Charles Barkley, and Pablo Picasso.

FINAL RINSE is Robert’s first feature movie. His next project, based loosely on Voltaire’s story of Candide, is about a hapless grunge slacker in search of lost love and destiny, entitled “Candude.”


So, in a nutshell, that’s an idea of who I am. Stay tuned to this lo-cal-it-y for tid-bits of interest, such as:

How did FINAL RINSE come to be?

What was Joey Ramone really like?

Exactly how handsome IS Handsome Dick Manitoba all up-close like?

IS Uncle Floyd truly a genius?

How IS it that I’ve never heard of these incredible actors in your movie before!!?

Was the line (blank) from (blank)? or a reference to (blank)?

Is it possible for Sebastian Bach to be BOTH a dreamboat AND a cool dude?

Answers to these questions and more are coming your way!

Please feel free to chime in with any questions or comments!

In the words of the great David Bowie:

Love On Ya!