We Are LIVE!!!

SO cool to finally be up and running!

Many thanx to the fine FINAL RINSE team, for helping get THE movie on-line, and in to the world!

apologies to them and the thousands of FINAL RINSE fans, who have been clamoring for new blog content!

perhaps now would be a good time to begin the tale of the genesis of FINAL RINSE…

i’m gonna do this in a serialized fashion, as it’s a LONG story!

it was 1992-ish. after living for many years in nyc, working on everything from “She’s Gotta Have It” to Pee-Wee’s Playhouse (the really good edgy 1st season), i was offered a job on the pilot for what was to be the new SCTV show working “above the line” (non-tech work) in los angeles. 

i figured that since i couldn’t even get an above the line job in NYC, working for free with the muppets (when you’ve been rejected by the muppets, you’ve REALLY been rejected!), and since i was terribly heartbroken, i’d take the offer, and move to LA.

the SCTV show was called: “Life as We Know It”, and starred steve carell, ryan stiles, ken campbell, david fury, and sherry bilsing amongst other talented folk…