1st real post

hello, and welcome to the official FINAL RINSE director’s blog!

it’s been quite a slog – from writing, to shooting, editing, etc. through the film festivals, the film markets, the screenings, the shoddy distributers and reps, the hollywood agents, the schmooze, the lawyers, the unions, the music publishers and on and on and on! (and on!)

at last, though, FINAL RINSE is available – officially and legally  -  to the world!

the feedback thus far has been great – people are digging the movie, and the finalrinse.com experience!

please keep the comments coming, both here and at:

youtube            http://www.youtube.com/finalrinsemovie

and myspace    http://www.myspace.com/finalrinsemovie

i have tons ‘o stories about joey, sebastian, filmmaking, “the biz”, all the other great musicians and actors from the movie, etc. etc. to share – stay tuned!


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  • Li'l One

    Well all right! Glad to see you’re up and running. Seems to me a long time since we had lunch in Santa Monica while you were working on the script. But then, perfection usually takes time. Congrats!

    So tell us some cool stories!

    - L’il One

    December 30, 2008 >> 1:24 pm

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