What you NEEd to know about this movie:

Part This Is Spinal Tap, part Dirty Harry, and all tongue in cheek, FINAL RINSE is an Indie Rock and Roll cult comedy with laughs and suspense that will leave you breathless and in stitches. FINAL RINSE trails overly hard-boiled Detective Max Block (Terence Goodman) as he pursues big-hair rocker killer, Trojan (David Cale) through a comedic mix of historic rock and roll performances, pop-culture references, and serious hair. Shot in New York City, and featuring Joey Ramone, Sebastian Bach, Frank Gorshin, Uncle Floyd, and many others, Final Rinse is a sharp shooting laugh fest that will rock your world.
Can’t wait for the mail, Man? Need instant gratification? Don’t care about the slick packaging or the DVD extras? Jonesing for laughs?
Download FINAL RINSE for your IPOD, Computer or TEE-VEE!
Only $9.95
Full resolution download 2.1GB Download the entire movie and let the laffs (merriment) begin!

We Love You Joey Ramone!

Joey Ramone was a big fan of FINAL RINSE. We watched an early cut of the movie together up in his apartment on East 9th Street, and he was impressed. He said: “Wow! This is so much more than just a fun rock and roll movie. It’s really clever and funny!” More on working and hanging with Joey on up and coming entries in the blog section.
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